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About us

Schütz has been working in the field of gas leak detection and the technique of gas measurement as part of the process of network revision for more than 48 years.

Schütz offers

  1. Detection of gas leaks in supply networks
  2. Detection of gas leaks in industrial and biogas plants
  3. Development of state-of-the-art gas measuring devices:

    - Gas measurement instruments
    - Gas detection instruments
    - Universal measuring instruments
    - Vehicles fitted with measuring equipment
    - Aspiration equipment
    - Probes

  4. Training courses and specialist training for supply

Products and services

1. Mobile gas monitoring:

1.1 Gas measurement instruments

1.2 Gas detection instruments - Instruments for network inspection  - Laser detection for methane - Laser camera for detecting VOCs

1.3 Gas alert monitors

1.4 Universal measuring instruments - Portable gas chromatopraphs - Devices for leaks, pressure and serviceability tests

1.5 Vehicles fitted with measuring equipment

1.6 Aspiration equipment

1.7 Probes for different tasks

2. Stationary gas monitoring

2.1 Monitoring of industrial processes

2.2 Workspace and environmental monitoring

2.3 Gas chromatography for - Odour monitoring - Monitoring of toxic industrial chemicals - Low sulfur detection

GMS 4000 Gas Leak Detection/ GPS

GMS 4000 Gas Leak Detection/ GPS

Universal solution for a safe gas supply The GMS 4000 device has been equipped with the most up-to-date connectivity and can carry out the network operator's entire range of measurement and monitoring tasks.

Localizing measuring data is also possible. GMS 4000 is equally suited for overground gas pipe checking, measurement of gas and groud gas, gas analysis or room air monitoring.

GasPen Digital 3000

GasPen Digital 3000

With GasPen Digital 3000, Schütz offers an indispensable measuring instrument for users who want want to leave nothing to chance when it comes to installing, servicing or inspecting gas pipelines and gas appliances.

GasCam Digital Gas Camera

GasCam Digital Gas Camera

Makes volatile gases visible! For use in: Refineries, chemical plants, compressor stations, well heads, biogas plants and other problematic locations.

Detects VOCs like Methane, Propane, Butane, Ethane and others.

Ruggedized for use in the fields Detector type: Cooled high sensitivity, 320 x 240 px Documentation: Normal video, infrared video, audio comments.


Schütz GmbH Messtechnik
Im Dornschlag 6
77933 Lahr

Phone: +49 7821 3280100
Fax: +49 7821 3280222

Ulrich Steinacker
Sales Manager
Phone: +49 7821 3280111

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